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Happiness is as a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but which if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you. Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804 - 1864)


My name is Wilburta Arrowood, and I am finally an author. You see, by my definition, you are a writer until your first manuscript is scheduled for publication. At that point you become an author. I have been writing for several years and finally found Publishing Designs, Inc. They have published my first novel. To say I am happy would be a gross understatement, because probably you and everyone else in the universe heard my whoop of joy when that phone call came. See the information below for how to get your copy.

"Writing Books You Can Trust"

    Some have asked about my byline, "Writing books you can trust." By way of explaination, I write Christ-centered fiction. I believe romantic inclinations are God-given, and romances are beautiful when handled in a godly manner. My books will be true to life, but wholesome. They will not contain what the media defines as "adult" language. It is my promise to my readers that my works will always be as true to scriptural teaching as my editor and I know how to make them. I'm human, and as such, I'm sure I will make mistakes, but I will do my best to give my readers a great read within the framework of Christian values.


For information about my books or to order a copy for yourself or as a gift to a friend, go HERE.

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I love to speak.

    If you have a group who would like to have someone talk to them about writing and getting published, or if you have a ladies' group that would like to have someone speak on a Christian topic, please contact me. I love to speak. I have some prepared topics, but I also prepare topics to fit your needs. If you have something specific in mind, let me know. I love to do research and bible study.  E-mail me to discuss topics.

For information about how you can arrange for me to speak to your Christian women or writer's group, go HERE. 


I have been a Christian since my junior year of high school, (a very long time ago.) It is incomprehensible to me for people to be able to function without a loving relationship with God. My husband is an elder in our home congregation and we are quite busy "taking care of the Lord's work." If you are not a Christian, please check out the "How to get to heaven" link, and give the scriptures there some serious consideration. There are also many links to more information on the Links of interest to Christians page. There is a page of links to Christian publications, and one for Christian schools, as well as one for writer's resources. Enjoy.

 (Jude 1:21)  keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting anxiously for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to eternal life. NASV

There are many things I love to do and to be. I am a Christian, a writer, a wife, a mother, a professional dental office administrator, a former foster parent, an ex-florist who still loves to do wedding flowers, and I even spent a couple of years as a telephone broker of used construction equipment.  I often have trouble deciding which hat to wear. I hope you enjoy the links pages I have set up. There is lots of information here on many different topics. I hope you will find something that will benefit you.

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