Little Book of Church Manners

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Little Book of Church Manners

Do you wonder what constitutes proper etiquette in worship services?

Does your congregation have new Christians who have never attended church before, or current members who have become lax in their behavior before God and their fellow worshipers?

Do you need a gentle, non-confrontational means to address these problems?

Little Book of Church Manners

is just the thing. It makes a wonderful handout for every family and new member of your congregation.

Do you need to address such issues as:
1. Meeting and greeting visitors
2. Coming and going during worship services
3. Contributions
4. Caring for church property
5. Reverence
6. Use of cell phones and cameras
7. Modest dress
8. How to end your worship.

The Little Book of Church Manners

is not meant to be a rule book, since various locations and cultures view acceptable behavior issues differently. The book is meant to be a guide and to make people aware that there are some biblical criteria for how we conduct ourselves.

What others are saying:

The recent booklet that I was priviledged to read on the important subject of "church manners" is one that should be given a wide reading by both parents and young people. I believe it to be well written, to the point, and expressive of how we should worship God today with proper manners. In this age when "anything goes" when it comes to our worship, it is past time we "learned some manners". My hope is the book, Little Book of Church Manners by Wilburta Arrowood, will receive a wide reading.

Robert Stapleton, Director
Brown Trail School of Preaching


In a world that has become increasingly casual, this book reminds us that our relationship with our God is not casual. It affirms that everything we do in relation to worship must be done in a way which brings honor and glory to Him. Church manners are not about placing restrictions on our brothers and sisters but, rather, about creating an atmosphere in which we can focus all our attention on God without being distracted. It is well worth the time invested in reading it.

Charles I. Nelson
Dean and Professor of Law
Faulkner University, Jones School of Law
Montgomery, AL 36109

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