For the Love of a Child

Love of a Child

Wilburta Arrowood exposes the fine balance between hatred and the realization of God's love. Margaret Ceradsky reluctantly leans toward God after she is befriended by a widowed minister and a loving church. But she still nurses her grudge against a man she hates—the man she thinks is responsible for her daughter’s death. Will she obey God? Or will she give in to her instincts of revenge? Surprising light awaits at the end of the tunnel of suspense—the light of hope, seasoned with romance and based on solid Christian principles.
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What others are saying!

"Novelist Wilburta Arrowood invites us along on a reluctant journey toward God. Margaret balks when she is befriended by a widowed minister and thrust into a loving church. Through desperate situations and tough choices, she learns to confront bitterness and embrace forgiveness. Turning the last page is like walking away from your own family."
            Christine Lynxwiler,
            President of American Christian Romance Writers
            Author of In Search of Love and Patchwork and Politics.

". . . a pioneering fiction epic that presents salvation truthfully."
           Mack Lyon

            Host of In Search of the Lord's Way television program
            Author of Did You Miss the Rapture, and other books.

". . . delightful suspense mixed with messages to impact Christian living. An insight of Margaret's obstacles encourages examination of our own motives."

            Pam Stewart
            Bear Valley Bible Institute, Denver, Colorado
            Author of Evangelistic Women: A Study of Women's
    Author Wilburta Arrowood doesn't make the journey easy, and this is good. There are no easy answers in real life, and so it is the same in this book. Margaret fights with feelings the entire way through. Grief, bitterness, and self-pity certainly push her to revenge, but the love of God slowly seeps in through a sensitive minister and a loving church. To say much more would be to give too much away, but I do know you will be completely satisfied with the touching ending.
    FOR THE LOVE OF A CHILD would also be a good tool for church, prison, and any type of institutional library.For a story and characters you won't soon forget, I highly recommend FOR THE LOVE OF A CHILD.
    Linda Mae Baldwin
    Professional book reviewer